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Kinesiology can support you with a wide range of personal and health issues and bring you closer to your goals. In follow up sessions, we will work towards helping you to achieve your optimum potential and transforming your wellbeing. The outcomes can be enriched relationships, increased self confidence, reduction of stress and pain or just coping better with life generally. By holding space for you and supporting you to make positive changes in your health and other aspects of your life, you will get back the feeling of vitality and be on the path to living an abundant and happy life. Kinesiology can assist with: stress reduction / mental health / energy levels / sleep issues / physical pain / digestive issues and sensitivities / self-limiting beliefs/ fears and phobia's / grief and loss / relationship issues / learning difficulties and brain integration / support through transition / feeling stuck and lack of direction / wanting more purpose in life / making changes in your life / fertility and IVF support.


Tranquil Deep Wellbeing
energy healing + massage

Pascoe Vale South, Victoria 3044, Australia

0421 084 443

healing + balance + vitality

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