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Kinesiology releases suppressed emotions and shifts trauma and pain in the body by communicating directly with the body and its energy systems. The body is always striving for equilibrium and has an amazing ability to heal itself. Kinesiology combines knowledge from eastern wisdom as well as principles of anatomy and physiology. The use of muscle testing and a wide range of techniques enables imbalances in the body to be found and corrected. This allows you to take charge of the way you relate to the past, your present circumstances and the future. Kinesiology helps you to regain inspiration and brings you closer to reconnecting and achieving your goals. I work one on one with you as we balance the underlying stress from your body that is contributing to an issue you may have and that is stopping you from functioning at your best and achieving your intentions. This initial session allows a bit of extra time to get to know you and find out how I can best help you on your healing journey and hold space for you.


Tranquil Deep Wellbeing
energy healing + massage

Pascoe Vale South, Victoria 3044, Australia

0421 084 443

healing + balance + vitality

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