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The womb is a sacred source of creation, wisdom, and feminine energy. She is a portal for fertility, abundance, and life force. Womb healing massage is a sacred practice that restores balance and warmth to your womb. The intuitive and flowing movements you will receive work to honour and nourish your womb and reignite her energetic connection to the heart and soul. The beautiful techniques encourage healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Womb healing massage is great for womb-heart connection, self love, supporting fertility, endometriosis, pcos, painful periods, menopause and digestive issues. It assists to heal generational patterns, belief systems, disconnection to your womb and trauma. It provides deep nourishment and nurturing allowing your nervous system to rebalance and for you to feel supported.


Tranquil Deep Wellbeing
energy healing + massage

Pascoe Vale South, Victoria 3044, Australia

0421 084 443

healing + balance + vitality

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